BIGflip Cums On Jennifer Lopez's Face

Jennifer's ass is timeless,her ass doesn't seem to get any better or worse.That's one thick ass that is standing the test of time.It might be a little more jiggly but its still all kinds of cushion for the pushing!And that is for sure one ass that everybody would love to have a try at.I would stand in line to fuck J-Lo in a gang bang.I wouldn't care if when I finally got to her the pussy would be gaped and dripping with fresh milk from hundreds of horny men.It would just make her pussy more slippery and so I would get to slamming balls deep in her cumed pussy!
Wow,I love how Jennifer is popping that ass.That big round ass looks so yummy.My cock is on hard status right now. 
Oh Jennifer,I'm about to launch a cum wad at you baby.
Unnnnngh!Wow,that wad almost seamed to fly in slow-mow at your face.That looked awesome baby,you look awesome!
What a thick creamy wad it is too.

"BIGflip's Tribute To J-Lo's Big Round Booty/Video"

This is a Tribute video I put together in honor of Jennifer Lopez's big juicy round ass.Its basically  a picture slide show but loaded with ass and cum shots.

Here's some more J-Lo booty pictures to squirt on fellas.
Dame,you can see her but cheeks coming out the sides.
Oh man,she gots so much ass.
Thats a lot of butt cheeks back there.
Oh yeah,that looks nice.
What a yummy ass view!
Even the kids want to feel that big ass,to feel if its real!

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