BIGflip Shoots a Cum Wad On Halle Berry

Her full name is Halle Maria Berry of Ohio.Famous actress and former model,Halle is doing very well for herself.Being one of the highest paid celebrities in Hollywood.Shes also one of the sexiest African American celebrities today.I know she sure gives me a throbbing hard-on.But I sure enjoy milking my cock all over her sexy face.But after she had her baby and her tits became engorged with milk,that's when she had me shooting cum every time I seen her.Dame,how amazing her swollen milk sacks looked!
Yeah baby,take it all off.My throbbing cock can't wait for ever.
That looks so sexy,the way she puts her tits on the counter. 
She is so gorgeous!
Oh man,I feel the pressure building up.Ahhhhhhh,here it comes!
Wow,that shot out in one big wad.
A very thick wad too.So white and healthy looking!

"Halle Berry At Jay Leno Show-Boob Falls Out/Video"

Halle Berry at the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.She wears an extremely low cut dress that shows a lot of titty"very sexy",but every time she moves her tits start wanting to come out.Ole Jay was sitting tight behind his desk so Halle wouldn't see the huge hard on she gave him.

Here's some very sexy pictures of Halle for you guys to milk your cocks on.
Wow,what a sexy body.
She still has some milk left in them titties.
Oh yeah,fuck material for sure.
Dame,her legs look real nice and fit.
Them tits look so soft.Id love to squeeze them puppy's.

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