BIGflip's Three-sum With Ariana Grande and Jennette McCurdy

Oh yeah,two for one!Ariana and Jennette,two sexy young cock suckers sharing my thick cock.Ariana is a sexy little petite fuck doll that men all around the world would love to fuck.Jennette is also sexy and just beginning to evolve into her woman's body.Shes grown some yummy looking tits and a gorgeous looking ass.Put these two together and turn them on a cock,that cock would not last.Mmmmm,the image of there two mouths sucking all over my cock and balls is making my meat throb.Very nice!
Wow,can you imagine wiping out your cock and putting it in front of these two.A guy can dream can't he! 
They are two cute little cum hungry sluts.Sexy too!
Oh wow,I want to cum so bad!Are you little ladies ready for my loads?
Ahhhhhhh,shit that felt amazing!
Yeah,I got it on the two of you.Now eat it of each other.Don't waste it girls.

Cum hungry teen slut number one:Ariana Grande,a gorgeous and sexy little fuck doll.
Dame,when she shakes her little tits like that I almost feel my cock pulsate.
Oh yeah baby,she gave me a choise to either cum in her mouth or between her tits.Hum!You know I'm going with her mouth!
Shes laying on the floor waiting for you to blow a load of cum all over her face.
Ariana is so beautiful!
Wow,she has some great looking legs.

Cum hungry teen slut number two:Jennette McCurdy,a sexy little slut with an amazing little sexy body.
Look at her so excited.Waiting for me to pull my cock out and into her throat.
Dame,look at them titties.Yummy!
Oh my god! Id grab her by the hair and blow my load all over her face.
Dame,that's a juicy teen ass.
Jennette has an amazing body.Wow!

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