BIGflip Drops a Wad On Halle Berry

Halle Berry has been very busy promoting her new movie"The Call".Were she plays the sexiest emergency operator ever.If she was an operator Id be calling for an emergency blow job"There is no time,you need to rush to my house and milk my cock.I'm getting blue balls!"She looked very sexy at the Hollywood premiere!Them titties are still looking real nice and fat,yummy!
Oh yeah,Halle looks like she can fit a lot of cock between them legs!
Oh yeah baby,I've been beating this thick cock for you for a while.Are you ready for my load?
Uuuuuuungh! Dame,what a facial.
Nice and creamy baby!

Here's some more pictures of Halle to nut on fellas!
Mmmmm,very nice !
Sexy body!
Great looking tits!
I'd love to suck on them titties!

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