BIGflip Gives Jennifer Lopez Two Balls Full Of Cum

Oh yeah,that slut Jennifer Lopez really had me going in this picture set.I don't know what it was about this picture but I got so horny,my cock was rock hard and even my balls were so swollen with cum.I just couldn't wait to splash her face with my hot man milk.I loved slapping my swollen balls right on Jennifer's face and mouth.I could almost see her sucking both of my nuts into her mouth and sucking on the two while I jerked off over her face.Even when Id cum she would keep sucking my balls as she felt hot cock snot splashing on her face.Only releasing my drained balls from her mouth when she felt the last cum drop hit her face.
Wow,them J-Lo legs are thick.You can see all that huge juicy ass cheeks jiggle when her leg comes down.Dame that looks great!
Oh Jennifer,you got me so horny for you baby.
Your going to have to help me drain these big nuts.
Its your fault there this swollen.Finish what you started sexy!
Here you go sexy,lick and suck on my nuts!
Get under me and suck on both of my hanging nuts while I jerk-off.
Oh yeah baby,my nuts are locking up......I'm cumming!
Oh yeah baby,that was so amazing.My balls are still tingling!
Wow,that load is so white and creamy.That big cum rope hanging from your chin looks awesome!

Here's some more J-Lo pictures to cum on.Or should I say J-Lo ass pictures to cum on!
Fuck,her ass looks hella big in this picture!
That's a lot of fucking you can do with that ass.
Great looking cheeks!
Them curves of hers are amazing!
Yeah,that's the view we want"the side view".
Wow,that is a bubble butt indeed!
Makes you want to walk up behind her and grab a handful of ass cheek!

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