Elizabeth Gillies Sings So Beautifully

Oh wow,I just herd Elizabeth Gillies from the Victorious show sing an amazing song while playing the piano and"wow"did it sound beautiful.I have nothing bad to say about that performance.Even the perv in me can't say anything bad about her after hearing that.The song was called"Just Like Heaven Cover"by Katie Melua.I can't even explain what I felt when I was listening to Elizabeth sing.She brought up feelings that I had buried or lost long ago.I found myself thinking about all the relationships I fucked up with very good and beautiful women.Women that cared about me and loved me even though I treated them like badly.Wow,that is a very good song.......it made me feel emotional and made me feel a lump in my throat.Elizabeth,you have made me into a true fan of yours and not the perverted kind.You have such a beautiful voice.
You are so beautiful Elizabeth!

"Just Like Heaven Cover-Elizabeth Gillies/Video"

Here's the video I found on YouTube.Its not even professionally recorded and it sounds amazing. 

I love her eyes,so sexy!
Absolutely gorgeous!
Beautiful big smile!
Sexy lips!
Cutie pie!
Oh wow,she is so fine!
Amazing eyes!
Now them are some curves!

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