BIGflip's Clips From The Emma Watson Cum Video

I got so much good feed back about my Emma Watson cum facial and video.So I decided to make some picture stills of the Emma cum shot for you Emma fans to enjoy.I was able to make six pictures from the video clip the rest would look to blurry.They actually look pretty good,my cock looks a bit blurry because I was to close to the camera and I was jerking my meat"of course".Well I hope you all enjoy them,I also reloaded the video for your viewing pleasure.
Emma's sexy little figure sure makes it enjoyable to milk my cock too.Looking at her young curves swells my meat up real nice.

"Emma Watson Gets Facialized/Video"Reloaded

Here's the video my friends,so you can watch the real thing go down.Plus its loaded with extra Emma pictures and GIFs.Enjoy and don't forget to milk your cock while watching this.

Here is the video picture stills for you Emma fans to enjoy.
Its a bit blurry but you can see the first load shoot out of my cock.
And there's the nice thick wad shoot out,heading for Emma's sexy face.
The loads are building up on her face but I still have a bit more.
Oh wow,my cock still feels like its pulsating as I jerk out the last few wads
Mmmmmm,now I'm shaking off any wads that are hanging out on my cock head.Dangling and swinging till they hit there target.
Oh yeah,that felt amazing.Let me just squeeze the last few cum drops out.Can't waste any cum.

Here's a couple of Emma pictures for you guys that still want to jerk-off some more to her.
She looks very sexy in these pictures.
Very nice and sexy baby.
Wow,Emma's legs look amazing.

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