BIGflip Cum Splatters Emma Watson

Her full name is Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson,man that's a long name.Shes originally from France and is an actress/model.We all got to now Emma as Hermione Granger from Harry Potter.But now a sexy young lady shes left Hermione behind and is taking on more adult rolls.I'll admit as she appears in/on more magazines she looks more appealing.Every time I see her shes a little sexier.And of course my cock stands a little stiffer too.Emma has my full attention now.
She has a beautiful laugh.
Here is one of Emma's magazine covers.Her new sexy look made my cock jump to hard.
Here you go sexy,why don't you finish this cock off for me?
Oh wow baby,your making my cock get very beefy.
You love how hot my meat feels against you sexy?Yeah!
Oh yeah,Emma get ready for a cum load.
Dame,that wad splattered all over your face baby.
What a huge thick wad too.It looks amazing on your face baby.

"Emma Watson Gets Facialized/Video"

Well here it is my fans.The Emma cum shot video everone was asking for.It came out pretty good!I also threw in some pictures,GIFs and put it together with a song by Sean Paul.Check it out and I hope you all like it,Enjoy!

Here's some more pictures of Emma for those of you that didn't get enough fap material.
Don't you wish all magazine covers moved like this one?
Emma looks sexy in her short shorts.
Oh yeah,a little boob action.
She looks so gorgeous in this picture.Very nice!

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