BIGflip Sperm Blasts Emma Stone

Her real name is Emily Jean Stone but is know professionally as Emma Stone.I started to take a shine to her when she came out in the movie"Easy A"and"The House Bunny".After that it was all hard-on for her.She started looking so sexy to me and my cock.And so if my cock likes her then so do I.Of course I never finish an Emma movie now because I have to leave to go relieve the pressure built up in my balls.But I do love milking my cock to this beautiful green eyed cutie pie.
Emma on Easy A,she looked sexy as a brunette.
She looks so beautiful!I'm starting to feel a tingling in my nuts baby girl.
Hey Emma,how would you like to come over here and finish off this thick cock?
OH YEAH! Your such a naughty like cock slut,I love it!
Ahhhhhh yeah,that felt amazing Emma.You have great hands.
I love how you milked my cock all over your face baby.

Here's some more Emma pictures for you guys to cum on.
She is looking hot for the Spider-Man movie premiere.
Her eyes look beautiful!
Absolutely gorgeous!
Emma is looking so hot.
Wow,look at the beauty in those eyes.
Oh yeah,shes letting out the naughtiness again.I love that side of her. 
A clip from The House Bunny,Emma's titties look nice and full there.

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