BIGflip Splashes Cum On Miley Cyrus

Miley Ray Cyrus was born Destiny Hope Cyrus,why she changed her name I don't know.This Tennessee native got her fame from the Disney Channel sitcom"Hanna Montana".But now is well known for her awesome and naughty performances on stage.Popping her ass at the fans,opening her legs and flashing cunt.But the best stuff doesn't happen till your back stage with your VIP pass to privately meet Miley in her party dressing room.Were she will perform a special number for some lucky fans.Up to 10 lucky fans would get there cocks milked by Miley.That naughty little girl can suck cock like a porn star.Shes so good to her fans!
Dame,Miley is hiding a nice pair of titties because there bouncing all over the place.Wow,that looks nice.That bouncing is making my cock hard.
Miley's lips look sexy in this picture.They look so soft.
Miley is giving the"look over the shoulder while I fuck you"look.Oh baby,I'm gonna launch some cum baby! 
Wow,that wad when flying clear up your back.
Does it feel nice and warm on your back Miley?Yeah,you love that feeling sexy don't you?

Here's some of Miley's magazine cover pictures among others for you guys with hard-on's to milk your cocks too. 
Miley looks sexy on this cover.Id get in her"balls deep"looking like that.Yummy!
She looks gorgeous here,showing a little bit of side boob.Nice!
Beautiful cover picture,ready for a big cum load.
Very nice and sexy!
I don't know why but this picture makes me want to get her from behind her head and cum all over her face.
Wow,that is one sexy looking tight stomach to cum on.

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