BIGflip Drains His Balls On Demi Lovato

Oh how I love to milk my cock all over Demi Lovato. Slapping my thick cock on her sexy face.I milk my cock to her even more now that she comes out on X-Factor.I get to see more of her and she is a big help when it comes to getting me rock hard.I know I never get to finish watching the show do to the fact that I have to go to my room to finish milking my self.But its worth it because Demi gives me such a hard-on that it makes my orgasm and ejaculation feel amazing.Thank you Demi,I love how you make me cum.
Wow Demi,you look so sexy! How would you like to get creamed by a thick cock?"YES"Alright sexy,I'm glad your excited to get some cock and cum.
Oh yeah,I love how she likes getting her thick ass slapped and squeezed on while fans milk there cocks all over the stage.
Are you ready for my thick cock Demi? Its so swollen for you baby.
Here you go sexy,stroke my meat for me.
Yeah,lick and suck all over my shaft.
Wow,there you go Demi.Lick the tip of my cock head.Ahhhh,here I cum baby.
Ahhhhhhh,wow!That felt amazing baby.
That's it Demi,get every last cum drop.
Damit,that load looks great on you sexy.
Time for you to slurp it all up baby girl.Don't you waste it!

Here's some sexy pictures of Demi showing some nipple.I know you guys want to milk your cocks to that,I know I did.
Wow,look at that juicy nipple peeking out.
The sight of that nipple is making my cock drip pre-cum.
Fuck,its almost completely out for cocks to cum on.
Demi has some cute little titties as well.
That's it Demi,show some more titty.
I just love how thick she looks.
Mmmmmm,keep showing that nipple baby.
Sexy looking legs,love that tan.

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