BIGflip Drops a Load Of Cum On Amanda Bynes

That naughty little Amanda Bynes,always getting pulled over.She just loves to party a little to much,my kinda girl.If she would have just started handing out blow-jobs she might not have been issued so many tickets.Cops like getting there cocks sucked to Amanda.She sucks cock when she parties why not while heading home.I for one would love a cock milking blow-job from naughty Amanda.
Hey there sexy,you look rested!Ready to milk my cock?Alright baby!
Wow,you have some beautiful green eyes.
Oh wow,that was a huge load I dropped right on your face baby.
You love the feel of all that hot cum don't you? Your so naughty!

Here's some sexy Amanda pictures from when she did Maxim.Drop a load of cum for her fellas.
She has a sexy little body.
Oh yeah,I would definitely fuck the hell out of her.
Cutie pie!
Mmmmmm,Amanda has some nice titties.
Nice position for a cum shot.

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