BIGflip's Second Cum Tribute To Jenna Jameson

Here it is people,I finally got all the Jameson pictures I had saved all nicely covered in my ball milk for you guys to fap too.For all you Jenna Jameson fans waiting for this tribute well here it is and let me tell you,"Its a big one".Over 30 cum covered gorgeous Jenna pictures all squirted by yours truly BIGflip.All pictures used in this cum collection were from the pages of the August 1997 issue of CHERI magazine.A 21st Anniversary Special Collector's Edition with the exception of a few extra pictures and videos I threw in for the fans.I had a dame good time milking my cock to make these pictures for you fans so I know you guys are going to enjoy this Jenna cum picture set.Shes one of Porn Industries greatest stars to get splattered with hot man milk on video and now I have the pleasure to cum all over her for you guys to see and jerk-off too.I hope you all milk your cocks many,many times to these cumed pictures."Enjoy,my friends and fans!"
Jenna Jameson on the cover of the August 1997 issue of CHERI magazine,21st ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL COLLECTOR'S EDITION.
Jenna looking so sexy,waiting for me to blow a thick load of cum on her.
Oh fuck yeah,I'm going to give her many thick loads like this tonight.Wow!
Mmmmmm,what a great looking thick load of man mayo.
Oh yeah,there's that sweet ass that everyone remembers do to that sexy tattoo.
Yeah,banging that ass from behind didn't take me long to blast her back with a hot load.
Wow,I launched it clear to her head.Very nice shooter!
What a yummy looking pussy Jenna has.That coconut milk makes it even sweeter.
Ohhhhh yes,there you go baby!Some BIGflip milk to add to the mix.
That's it Jenna,open up them lips so my hot load can ooze in there.
She has gorgeous long legs.What a sexy looking sight!Especially with her opening up them juicy cunt lips.
Ohhhhh shit,I dropped a thick huge load right on her sexy thighs.
Wow! What a beautiful sight.My thick load looks fantastic stuck on her thigh.
Jenna has such a gorgeous mouth,it just makes your cock swell up so quickly.
That pussy looks so yummy!I have to rub my cock on her hot wet pussy lips.
Now let me bring my cock(covered in pussy juice)down to her mouth so she can taste her cunt on my thick cock.
That's it Jenna,lick all your pussy juice off my cock.
Them big yummy tits are so inviting.I have to feel Jenna's titty fucking.
Damit,my cock is throbbing for some Jenna pussy now.Time for some balls deep pussy pumping.
Oh yeah,let me switch positions.So I can hit this cunt a little deeper.
Ahhhhhhhhh,here i cum baby.Oh yeah,all on your face and chest.

"Jenna Jameson Cocked And Cumed By BIGflip/Video"

Here's the video of me dropping a thick cum load on Jenna Jameson for you fans to see.I had to add the video to such a huge cum picture tribute.I hope you enjoy the video and I hope it gets you hard enough to drop a few cum loads.Enjoy my fans!
Look at Jenna's gorgeous mouth.She looks fantastic playing with her wet pussy,thinking of my thick cock.
Ahhhhhhugh! Wow,I dropped a huge load of hot semen all over her chest.
There you go sexy,smear my fresh cum all over your body baby.
This is one of my favorite pictures of Jenna sucking cock.I can't wait to see her sucking my cock in that same position.
Wow,shes drooling for that big thick cock.
My turn!Here's a fresh thick cock for you to deep throat Jenna!
Oh yes Jenna!Slobber all over my swollen meat.
Here you go sexy,lick my swollen balls too.
Wow,you look so gorgeous with your mouth on me baby.
Ahhhhh!You naughty little slut.You want some more of my ball sack to slobber on.Oh yeah,that feels so dame amazing!
Oh damit sexy,get ready because here comes my cum load.
Oh my god Jenna,you look absolutely gorgeous covered in my hot milk.
So fantastic! Lick all my fresh hot cum of your face baby.
Oh fuck yeah!A bukkake on Jenna Jameson and i'm next!
Wow,I launched a thick wad right on to her big juicy tit.
What a great looking sight!Who's next?Come on fans,join in and drop some more hot cum loads on Jenna.Join in my friends and enjoy!

Here's some of Jenna Jameson's videos for you guys to bust a nut too.She looks amazing when shes hard at work.

"Jenna Jameson Blowjob/Video"

Jenna Jameson sucking cock and making it look fantastic.She sucks cock so amazing,wow!

"Jenna Jameson Titty Fuck/Video"

This is a great video,it has Jenna titty fucking Peter North.Huge cum load all over Jenna's yummy tits.

"Jenna Jameson Virtual Sex/Video"

This video shows Jenna like if she was riding your cock.This is a very good cock milking video.

Here's a few more Jenna pictures to cum too.Enjoy my friends!
Oh yeah Jenna,keep sucking that cock baby.
Jenna Jameson when she was young and tight.So sexy!
Wow,she looked amazing back when she was young.She still does.
Mmmmmm,she has such a yummy body.
I love them juicy looking titties.
Oh yes baby,suck them balls dry.
Oh yeah,that tongue must feel amazing.
Ahhhh,milk that cock Jenna.
You are so naughty Jenna! I love it,don't ever change sexy!

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