BIGflip Spunks On Kate Middleton's Face

That naughty little Kate was being careless and got caught up by the paparazzi.Hay,we all get caught  eventually.It don't mater who you are,everyone needs some strange once an a while.The only problem is"YOUR THE PRINCES,EVERYBODY IS WATCHING YOU".She was asking to get caught doing something like that.Or she reeeeeeeally needed some stranger cock.Yeah,that must be it.Don't worry Kate,I have a thick one for you and a thick cum load as well.
I see your very excited to be getting a nice thick cum facial."Oh yes,now pull that cock out so I can milk your cock on my face".
You have to admit she is the sexiest Princes you've ever seen."Ever!"
Oh yeah,that felt so good.It was my pleasure to serve you a fresh load Kate.
I don't know why,maybe its just me but it looks like my cum makes her eyes look even greener.(Laughs) I know i'm trippin,but look! The first picture her eyes look kinda greyish green and the last picture her eyes are a beautiful green.

Here's some more pictures of Kate for those of you that would like a go at her.Shes horny,so give her some cum!
She still will always look very sexy and sophisticated.No mater what kind of mess she gets into.
She has a gorgeous smile.
Cheer up Kate,your young and sexy!You're going to do just fine!
Mmmmmmm,how I love brunets!
Princes Kate is looking very sexy here.
Oh man,we almost got a sneak peek at the Royal Beaver.

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