BIGflip Unloads a Huge Facial On Selena Gomez

Oh Selena,how you have me milking my cock to you.I love it,the way my thick cock begins to pulsate when I see you on TV or a magazine.The pulsing slowly begins to turn into a throbbing.Your sexy face soon turns my cock into a swollen throbbing cock that's dripping pre-cum for you.The tingling in my nuts and how swollen they look begin to tell me its time to milk myself and give Selena another thick load.Every time baby,every time!
Selena is so sexy and my cock is throbbing for her.
Dame,her lips look so yummy!
She looks sexy in anything she wears.
Oh Selena,your going to make me cum!
Wow,I shot some thick wads at you didn't I baby?
Its all over your face and body.Wow!
Slurp that creamy wad on your face Selena.You know you like the taste of my cum.

Here is some more gorgeous Selena pictures for you guys to drain your nuts on.
Mmmmmm,I love her full lips.
You look gorgeous baby girl.
That is the most beautiful smile I have ever seen.
Selena looking yummy as ever.
Oh wow,she looks so perfect here.Its making my balls clinch!

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