I Had Sex With My Female Cousin

" I'm going to start of by saying this is a true story no bull . On

new years eveI was at my grandmothers house with my mother brother and

other family cousins. I'm get straight to the story point me .and my

girl cousin who is 15were talking by cell phone. while setting next to

each other beacuse we did not want to others around . Us know what we

were saying so a few min. Later she got up and went to the computer .

So about five min. Later I got up and sit beside her as she was on

facebook. So I countinued to pass back and forth my cell phone with

her. Asking her sex advice saying I was a virgine witch I'm and saying

I was horny. and she then respond it is Kool for people my age 14 . so

I said I need my **** sucked omg I wanted that for so long. That day

was my lucky day beacuse she then said what do I want her to do . So

as you know I said suck me up then she was like ok . I was like omg

for real I thought she was lying . She was like we might as well while

we have the chance . She then gave me orders to go to my lil cuz room.

And turn on the tv and wait there . So I did I sat on my lil cousin's

been bag or whatever u call the bitche's. She then came into the room.

Damn my playfull lil cousion's gave into the playing and ****. Then

my***** *** brother broung his big *** into the room. That ******

things up but my cousion told my lil cousion's mom . So she made them

leave thank god. The last step was to get my***** *** brother out of

the room. at first he would not leve but then natcho'es came up so . I

left out the room first then I think she did to I don't remember that

part. So as I finished my natcho'es I told my brother that there were

natcho'es. That got his big *** to leave so he then he got up and left

to go eat them . Thank god he did not return forabout 10-15min. so I

then got up and ask could I kiss her she said yeah so we did. then I

thought I here'd some body coming so I got up to check.turns out my

mind was playing tricks on me . Oh well then I was like I'm scared at

first cuz it was my first time. Puting my **** in any girls face so I

got up. And stood over her cuz she was like on the edge of the bed .

notecuz I'm black I bigger **** the most white grown men. over 6inch

at 14 anyways she then began trying to take my belt losse. She could

not so I Ijust pullEd my pants down. She was shoked or happy one of

the other idk. So first she began with stroking my****. then she put

her mouth on it at first it felt wired but good. Then she stared to

suck more omg that was good the best felling in the world. Then she

did a lil deep throat she stoped I don't know why. Guess she thought

somebody was coming then Isat down for a few min. Just in shock I got

my **** sucked and it was so good . I got eddicted to it so I went

back to her face and pulled my **** out she sucked &licked and

stroked. then I began trying to deepthorat her. after a few min. Of

oral she stops and tells me it was funny watching my emotions while

giving me Becky . Part 2 I will write "
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