Sex - My First Time With My Boyfriend

After knowing each other for a fair amount of time, but only being serious for about 3 weeks, I have to say.. most of the akwardness had already floated away for myself and yannick. We enjoyed each others company and never got bored of talking, walking, play, fighting and still haven't to this day, but i'll tell you the experience of our first time together, Yannick had already, unfortunatly lost his virginity to a girl that meant nothing to him, but that story isn't to do with this one, I however had not experienced any elements of sex so he was my complete first time.. I wasn't scared, and i really thought i would be... this was of course helped by a few drinks down the pub watching an arsenal game. we walked home from the pub and couldn't keep our hands off each other by the time we got home I was already wet for him and his **** was visibly hard through his jeans, he layed me down on the sofa and kissed me passionatly, i remember his kiss being so passionate even that was sexual, we struggled getting the pants and my jumper off, but we giggled and made it funny he commanded me too the bedroom and i girlyishly ran to the bedroom, now i'm not a particulary large girl, i'm a size ten, but i have a bust of about 32G so they look huge on my little figure, especially as i'm only 5''2 he had never seen me naked before, but his eyes gazed at my body and i saw his **** get even bigger, now throbbing to be inside me as he got on top of me, i quickly span him to he was laying on the bed, and i took him in my mouth, the element of surprise made him want to *** almost immediatly... i decided to take control and spin my body around so my ***** was just touching his face, i let him push my hips down to his tongue so he could explore me, after me deepthroating him a few time, he decided he needed to ******* me immediatly so rolled me onto the bed, still keeping eye contact, i felt him gently start to enter me, even though it was my first time, i hurt the slightest..literally about a pinch... but i was so turned on and wet i was concentrating on my baby coming inside of me... as i started to moan gently, this only encouraged him to put his load in me.. as i came close to an ****** i felt his **** start to pulsate in me, he kissed me hard and came it was the most amazing feeling i have ever felt, and soppy of me to say, but afterwards... we cuddled! :)
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