Newly Married Neighbour Sheetal Fucked Hard By Sameer

Let me introduce myself first my name is sameer, I am 28 year old now.

During graduation along with my friends, I use to enjoy a lot of porn

movies and masturbate, sometimes have oral sex with girls. Once my

graduation complete I moved to noida for my job. I got a rented home

in good sector.

I was staying at top floor, ground floor people used to come to dry

their clothes and sometimes to enjoy cool breeze. Let me introduce to

you, awesome women staying at ground floor, her name was sheetal,

newly married and shifted recently. She was gorgeous; having nice

tight boobs, I feel they were not sucked a lot. Her husband was

marketing guy always staying out of city.

From the day, I saw her; I used to masturbate her imagining her. I

used to dream, to fuck all three holes. I used to become horny,

wherever she come to dry washed dress, her sari will be wet and show

her figure. One day, when she was drying her dress, I was wearing

jockey boxer, masturbating in my room looking at her, I had organism

all over my thigh.

She kept all her dresses, and went down, I thought she will not come

up again; I went out and started to smell her bra and pressing my

dick. To my surprise, she came up suddenly; my heart came to my mouth.

I didn't know, how to react, I just drop her bra down and run into my

room and started to look at her from window, to know how she react.

She just picks her bra and kept on rope and left down. I feared will

she inform her husband about this incident. I was quite nervous. Next

day she came to take her dresses, she has taken all dresses and left

with used bra. I was little surprise. On that night, I have taken her

bra, and roll on my dick and started to rub it. I was enjoying a lot.

Every day she used to keep her bra and I used to pick them and have

masturbated. These continue for some days, one day I decided it's

enough, lets have real sex. When she came up, she was wearing red sari

with sleeveless blouse with deep neck through which I can see her bra

straps, I dared and hugged from backside, she was surprise and said

hey what r u doing.

I replied, don't you know, I want to love you,. She said… now way. I

said, I know you don't get proper attention in your home, that's why

you forget your bra, don't you ? there was silence all of sudden. I

said sorry sheetal, if I hurt you. She was just look down, I went

nearer to her, slowly lift her face, and ask her do u want or not.

She just let her eyebrows down, I thought its green signal, slowly I

started kissing her forehand, then her eye lashes and finally her

lips.. now she too started responding to it, while kissing I was

pressing her towards by chest, I was feeling her hot body, my dick was

becoming hard, touch her clit.

Slowly I have taken to my room, laid her on my bed and started kissing

her face and going down to her deep neck blouse, slowly removed it. I

started sucking her bra, later I removed it too, now I can see 34c

size nice tight boobs, I said to her … I am going to hurt u today…she

said, really… I am ready to bare any sought of pain today..

I started eat her boobs like small child eat ice cream fearing it will

meltdown, pulling her tits with my teeth. She was moaning. Meanwhile I

was pushing my left hand in to her panty down.. slowly I removed all

clothes from her, both were nude. My dick was hard.i just laid on her

starting to kiss her and rubbing my dick at her pussy make her hot and


She was pleading please remove fingers insert dick inside, I said wait

babe, don't I waited for u. I pressed her boobs like lime, and

inserted fingers deep inside her pussy, then keeping both hand on

boobs and started licking her pussy with tongue. She was moaning as if

anything and crying please insert dick, I didn't listen licking

fastly… when she was too much wet..

I slowly inserted my dick inside.. slowly push deep and deeper..i can

see, she was having pain.. maybe she was not fucked so much.. slowly I

started to increase my speed..I started move my hip fastly and

pressing her boobs, she was pleading.. please do slowly.. you may hurt

me.. please..Whenever she say…

I used to more energy and push harder, within some time, I had

organism on her body.. I laid on her,we relax sometime… meanwhile all

cum was on my dick.. I asked to clean it with her mouth, she said

sure. Slowly she clean my dick with her tongue, later taken inside her

throat.. I was feeling so relax, while she was sucking my dick… I was

getting my energy back for second round, later on I fuck her ass

too...please comments.
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