Sex With School Best Friend Mita

I am a Management Consultant by profession – an Engineer and an MBA. I

am 35 years old. This is about the sexual relationship that I have

with my school batchmate Mita. I am married now (to another woman) but

my sexual relationship with Mita began a fortnight before the day of

my marriage. Though I have had sex with her many times after that –

the first experience is always memorable. Mita and I lost our

virginity on that day.

Mita and I have remained in contact after leaving school. We had

studied together for five years – from Class V to Class X. In fact,

many other school friends are also in contact. But Mita's was

different – she kept contact with very few of them. She had immersed

herself in work after getting qualified as a fashion designer and then

got into jewellery designing and exports.

She didn't get married (still isn't) though there has been lot of

pressure from her family for that. We kept in touch all along while

she shifted base from Delhi to Bombay for her job. She was staying in

a rented flat at Goregaon, Bombay. We would chat once in a while and

she would tell me about her work.

I always kept telling her about maintaining her work life balance and

not to burn herself out too soon – knowing the workaholic that she is.

These conversations kept our friendship going and growing.

Mita is a pretty looking girl. She is beautiful – though she's not

very tall – about 5'. She has an average build with well-shaped and

sized boobs and buttocks. She has the kind of figure wherein the boobs

and buttocks bulge out from your body frame – which I find really

arousing. I am about 5'6" with an average build. Mita had been part of

fantasies for long.

I would often masturbate thinking of her and was always hopeful that

someday she would not just be a friend but a fuck buddy too. And I

worked on making that happen. I travel to many cities for my work. It

was November and I had to travel to Chennai for delivering a workshop.

It was a Friday and since I had some work at our Bombay office on

Monday, I decided to travel to Bombay directly than travelling back to


We had been planning to meet over for a long time but due to the work

pressures, we could never do that. I called her up on that day and

told her that I am getting to Bombay that night and if she would like

to meet. She was free and as luck would have it – she suggested that I

come over to her place rather than going anywhere. I, of course, was

more than happy to do that.

I also asked if she would like to booze and she agreed. Since I was

going to be late at night, she said that she would get some rum while

getting back from office. Everything was working out just fine and I

was getting more and more hopeful of fulfilling my desire of having

her. I landed at Bombay around 10 pm and headed straight for her home

though there was a hotel booking for me.

She opened the door with a big smile and was dressed in tops and jeans

– looking attractive as always. After keeping my luggage, I went for

freshening up and changed to some comfortable clothes. We sat down

chatting and then started arranging for the drinks and snacks. I

decided that I would have to drive things if I have to lay her that


When we sat down to have our drinks, I asked her why she's still in

jeans and not something more comfortable. She said that she's

comfortable in that. I mocked her saying that it's her house and she

shouldn't be ashamed of me. That worked. She went in and came back

wearing a shorts. Her milky thighs were now visible and my

determination grew stronger.

We sat down in the drawing room and started having our drinks, while

chatting. After some time, I took out my laptop and played songs on

that. She was happy. She also started humming. Mita can sing and likes

to sing for me. We kept playing different kind of songs and gradually

moved to soft numbers. By now, we were about 3 pegs down.

I was still in control, we were chatting, cracking jokes, poking each

other all the while. We had also got closer in sitting and my hands

were touching her thighs once in a while. Probably because of the

drinks, or otherwise, she didn't mind that. But I didn't overdo too as

I didn't want to spoil the build-up.

After some time, she suggested that we dance – to which I said that I

can't dance and am really bad at it. I told her that I only know about

ball dancing – that you need to form a diamond pattern with the steps.

She was interested and said why not we try that. I held her hand, put

my other arm around her and we slowly started doing the steps.

As it happens, when you are not able to do the steps initially, she

also kept on laughing everytime she missed it. And then suddenly she

held my hands and said that let's dance freely. And she actually

started dancing around while holding my hands. I could see that she

was getting exhausted and after some time pulled her close to me.

She came towards me – put her head on my chest – and hugged me and

started taking deep breaths. I knew then that I have to take control

now. I asked her "What happened? Are you feeling high?" She said that

she was generally feeling very happy. I lifted her face up with my

hands and kissed her on the cheeks. She closed her eyes and I kissed

all over her face – slowly.

While doing this for some time, I put my other hand inside her panties

from behind – slowly pressing them. Expectedly, this turned her on.

She didn't resist. She was breathing heavily. I asked her if she's ok.

She said that she's fine. When I again started kissing her, she said

that why don't we go inside to the bedroom. That was it. I knew she

wanted me too.

We walked into the bedroom slowly and I made her lie on the bed. And

then what began was our long and memorable session of losing our

virginity. I took off my T shirt and went over her. I kissed her

cheeks and her lips slowly. Her eyes were closed. In fact, she was

drunk and only in half her senses now. But she was warm and


I kissed her around her neck and shoulders and this started arousing

her – she was making some sounds. As I was kissing her madly, I

started fondling her boobs too. And after some time put my hands

inside her top and touched her boobs inside her bra. Her bra was of

soft cloth and gave the feel of the boobs too. I took out one of the

boobs without unhooking the bra and started playing with the nipple.

This made her mad and her body started wriggling – her eyes remained

closed all along. I took off her top now and she was in her bra with

the boobs popping out. I put my hands beneath her back to unhook her

bra and she actual arched her body to help me. So she was fully

responding while she was drunk. I unhooked her bra and freed her


I held her closely for some time while kissing her again. As my bare

chest pressed her boobs, it made both of us very hot and aroused. She

was now holding me too with her arms around my neck. Then I went

started sucking her boobs. Her boobs are probably her best feature.

They remind me of Angelina Jolie's boobs with the nipples not hanging

at the bottom but slightly above and the boob has a nice shape.

I am sure she was getting her boob sucked for the first time in her

life. She was almost out of control – moaning loudly while her body

was shaking. I wanted to make her so hot and aroused that she doesn't

resist anything afterwards. And I think I was able to do this. I asked

her, "Do you like this?" and she said, "Don't stop, just keep doing


I went down kissing now and after kissing her belly for some time went

down to her thighs. What soft and lovely thighs they are. And with

just a small shorts on, I had her full legs to me. As I moved towards

her love spot while kissing, her waist and butts started responding.

Her body was arching while she was trying to hold my head with her

hands – she wasn't stopping me from kissing but she would hold my head

tightly as she was getting aroused.

This was the opportunity – I unbuttoned her shorts. I had thought that

she would resist this. Surprisingly, she raised her hips as I pulled

down her shorts. She was wearing a soft cloth lacy kind of panty –

white in colour. It was a sight – probably I couldn't believe myself.

Here was my school time friend lying nude in front of me, twelve years

after we had finished school.

And she was all mine. I took off my lowers now and was full nude. My

dick was of course all hard and erect – one of those times when you

just don't need any effort to keep it hard for a long time. I slowly

pulled down her panties – and she didn't resist. I don't know if she

had the senses to resist or was enjoying too much but I guess the feel

of each other's body and skin touching had aroused her so much that

resisting was out of question.

Anyways, here she was now – lying full nude in front of me – eyes

closed and moaning. I went over her and slowly parted her legs to

expose her pussy. I touched the tip of my dick to her pussy – I like

to do this and I know many women like this too. She was all wet and

again got mad as I rubbed my dick on her pussy. I asked her "What

happened?" (to tease her) but she could only moan more loudly.

I knew for sure she hasn't been fucked before so it was making me too

all the more excited that I am going to have her in some time. I asked

her "Mita, you have a great body. I am going to fuck you. Are you OK?"

(not that I could have stopped if she would have said no). Her

response was a shock. She said "Just get inside. I want you badly".

Frankly, I was expecting such a response and got pleasantly surprised.

Then I told her "It's our first time, it may hurt in the beginning"

and she said "Do it slowly, but I want you – fuck me".

I couldn't have stopped after that of course. I started putting my

dickhead inside her pussy. She was small and tight but well


As I was putting the head only, she made a small scream and started

moving her waist away. I realized that it's too painful for her and

she's resisting. But it was too late now – we couldn't stop. As I lay

on top of her, I took my hands down to hold and part her thighs again

– and her body was below me. She has a petite structure so can't

resist much when below me – in fact my body fully covers her body.

I told her "Hold on, it'll hurt a bit but will be ok after this". And

then, slowly pushed my dick inside. Her body became stiff and I

realized she was in pain, but I was pushing myself inside her. Her

arms were around my back and she almost dug her nails inside me. She

was all wet and lubricated and very warm inside. So it wasn't much of

a problem pushing my dick in.

Probably it was the size of my dick that was big for her small virgin

pussy. As I went deep inside her, I stopped for a moment and told her

"I am inside you, don't worry the pain will reduce now and you would

like it". I asked "Can you feel me inside you?" and she said "Yeah,

but it's still hurting". I said "It won't, in some time". I was

talking to her to actually make her comfortable.

And then I slowly pulled out my dick a bit and pushed it again. Oh,

what a feeling it was – nothing short of heavenly. It was my first

time too – and I could well understand how fucking scores over

masturbation. There was no stopping then. I increased the speed of my

strokes gradually and the force.

She would let out a moan everytime I would push inside her but

gradually her moans transformed from those of pain to pleasure. She

kept making "aahh…" sounds everytime I pushed in now. And once in a

while "Oh god!". I asked her "Are you ok? Do you like it?". And her

answer was "Don't stop". We were in rhythm now. I was on top of her –

fully covering her boobs and body.

Her legs were spread and outside. I was holding her shoulders, kissing

her and madly fucking her. I was losing control now too – totally

aroused. The drinks by now had also started making effect and control

on body was losing. And most of all, the feeling of laying Mita and

control over her totally was intoxicating. After some time, as I was

reaching my point, I told her that I am going to cum inside her.

She didn't say anything. In any case, I couldn't have stopped. As I

fucked her with my strokes a few more times, I released my full load

inside her. The experience of that moment is difficult to explain in

words – it can only be felt. The body loosened and I let out a deep

breath before letting my body loose on her. Her body got loose too.

Her legs released me and she held me tightly one last time.

It was one of the most fulfilling moments. We knew we had done it. We

enjoyed it but wanted to be quiet and say nothing at that moment. I

lay there like that – inside her – for some time as my dick loosened

up. I then took out my dick slowly and lay on her side on my back with

my arms and legs spread out of exhaustion.

She turned towards me and lay down holding my chest and putting her

head on my shoulder. I knew she was still in the drunken state and

didn't know fully what had happened – but enjoyed it fully. We didn't

say a word. Just lay there quietly like that – and don't know when –

slept off.

What happened next day morning was interesting. But that's a different

incidence. I could, maybe, share later. And in the last few years, I

have had many fucking sessions with her - some of them really

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